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All You Need To Know About Dry Skin Is Right Below This Title

Let Me Give you a  Brief Introduction about Dry Skin

Dry skin is a very usual skin condition caused by the deficiency of the essential amount of water in the surface layer of the skin, also known as Epidermis. Arms, hands, and especially the lower legs are more prone to be affected by dry skin.


Particularly the people who live in a heavy dry &wet zone will experience these kinds of infections. An extreme dryness will crack the skin and it would lead to a serious skin condition. Dry skin doesn’t appear through only the environmental temperature and climate, different use of medication will lead to a serious dry skin condition too.


The biggest misconception of dry skin is that people think that it appears only on older people but they don’t realize that it could appear on anyone who doesn’t take proper care of their skin by going out through a contaminated and heat full place, and also it depends on your health condition too, if you experienced any of the following signs then you better consult a doctor or you should take immediate action to prevent it from increasing or developing:

  • Dry rough skin,
  • Fine lines, chap or cracks,
  • Itching,
  • Slight to severe flaking, scaling or peeling,
  • Deep cracks that may bleed,
  • Gray or ashy skin,
  • Redness



Using the proper moisturizer will help you to heal the dried and cracked skin in a very short period and also it will prevent and protect the dry skin from occurring.

Our well-produced and imported Palmer’s cocoa body lotion will give you instant results from the day you’ve started using it. The blend of natural vitamin E and cocoa butter will help you to get rid of dry skin and also it will prevent it from re-appearing.

After taking a short shower don not wipe off the entire moisture off the body because when you apply the moisturizer with the moisture in your body it will help to trap moisture in your skin.

Do not take shower more than 10 minutes because when you take a long shower it will hinder and remove all the essential oil that helps to prevent the dry skin will get washed out & vanish.

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