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Beauty Tips


It doesn’t matter if you are just 10 years old or 80 years old, you still want to get your little fingernails to glow as lights. When it comes to applying makeup, your attention to detail will be very effective and […]

How To Apply Makeup For Beginners

Applying makeup would be the most fun-filled activity or a task for any woman. We could describe a woman with many words but what she likes to transpire is her bright face and her pearly eyes. So in order to […]

Manuka Honey Enhancing Whitening Cream

Taking care of yourself is more significant and essential for all age groups especially if you are a woman. having the most radiant and smooth skin is not something that every single woman posses naturally. as human beings, we cannot […]

Sanford Waterproof Rechargeable Lady Shaver

Ladies, Are you all irritated with those unwanted hairs that you got on your body and still couldn’t find a solution to get rid of those? Well, I’ve got the exact solution that you all looking for. In those days […]

Well, what’s happening @ cosmetics.lk?

Here is always something special happening at cosmetics.lk and that’s the new arrival of our new supreme products from totally unique categories. Cosmetics.lk holds a well-reputed name and an image for providing the most renowned products to our precious customers, […]

The Most Delicate and Durable Grooming Kit

There was a time where we had just our towel and the basic toiletries in our bathroom but now we’ve got numerous sorts of gadgets and products that could totally convert ourselves into a sharper and well-groomed person. Even though […]


A toner is a great substance that could really help you to get rid of all the excess oil and makeup, actually using a toner can be a great way to add active ingredients like retinoid, antioxidants of your existing […]

WildFerns Manuka Honey Active Repair Eye Serum

Before we hop onto the simplification of our outstanding eye serum product, we would like to give a brief introduction about the overall idea of an eye serum. Now, the only complication about the eye serum substance is that most […]

Aging skin problem? Not anymore!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil Holds several purposes that could be used for the whole body to get an impeccable skin perfection. This formula consists of an absolute blend of key ingredients created to help to get rid […]

Wrinkles: Do You Want To Live With It?

Your skin would always come along with you, that means it ages as you age. Your skin would become even leaner and it would also lose fat and that would turn your skin into less plump and smooth, But is […]

All You Need To Know About Dry Skin Is Right Below This Title

Let Me Give you a  Brief Introduction about Dry Skin Dry skin is a very usual skin condition caused by the deficiency of the essential amount of water in the surface layer of the skin, also known as Epidermis. Arms, […]

The Body Lotion That Wins Customers

Palmer’s Cocoa Body Lotion MEN is a  multi-purpose substance boosted with Vitamin E and Natural cocoa butter formula at its base which could totally comply with our busy lifestyle because it works an Aftershave Lotion, body moisturizer and face moisturizer […]

HAIR WAX Shortcuts – The Easy Way

Soft Formula Shaping Wax is a nourishing conditioning agent which could provide a simple styling with well-defined and a textured look that transforms you to get adapted to the modern trends, this substance contains vitamin e and jojoba oil at […]

Purifying Enzyme Mask (Cocoa Butter Formula)

Palmer’s Sri Lanka introduces the perfect cosmetic solution to purify, exfoliate, smoothen, rejuvenate and refine the skin with Palmer’s Purifying Enzyme Mask with a blend of nourishing and skin rebalancing ingredients. With moisturizing cocoa butter at its base, this cooling […]

Calming Cream Cleanser (Cocoa Butter Formula)

Palmer’s Calming Cream Cleanser with cocoa butter formula acts as an effective cleanser and makeup remover. Its light foaming cream formula helps in gently removing skin impurities, oil and makeup without drying out the skin. As one of the premier […]

Skin Therapy Oil (Cocoa Butter Formula)

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil is an advanced multi-purpose skin-perfecting and stretchmark removal product in Sri Lanka that can be used all over the body. This lightweight, preservative-free product, enhanced with Vitamin E and cocoa butter formula at its core, contains […]

Skin Therapy Oil (Cocoa Butter Formula with Rosehip Fragrance)

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil with added Rosehip fragrance is an advanced multi-purpose skin perfecting product that can be used all over the body. This lightweight, preservative-free product, enhanced with Vitamin E and cocoa butter formula at its core, contains a […]


Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, it has the ability to expand and contract as required. However, due to its elasticity, the supporting tissues could be damaged if the skin is stretched too much within a […]


To some, their scars are a mark of pride but for most of us, we just want our scars to go away, primarily because it affects our appearance, makes us more self-conscious and lowers self-esteem. So, if you want to […]


While scars are an inevitable part of wound healing, it can be very frustrating because most scars don’t go away fully. But thankfully, there are some over-the-counter options that help reduce the appearance of scars. The best way of treating […]


Knowing when and how you should cut your hair has a lot to do with the length, chemical processes you have put your hair through and your individual hair goals. So here’s a quick guide to set up a good […]

Why Stretch Marks Removal Massage Cream

(With Cocoa Butter Formula, ideal for Stretch marks during pregnancy) Recommended by specialist doctors, this massage cream is formulated with great care to treat stretch marks caused by changes in the body due to pregnancy. This cream can also be […]

Why Even Tone Fade Cream

(With Cocoa Butter for healthy, glowing skin) Suitable for all skin types, our Even Tone Fade Cream helps remove stubborn dark spots and blemishes caused by exposure to the sun and evens out pigmentation caused by ageing of the skin, […]

Why Daily Skin Therapy Body Lotion

(Cocoa Butter formula for very dry skin and sunburnt/discoloured skin) Recommended by dermatologists across the world, cocoa butter is known to work wonders on very dry, sunburnt and discolored skin. Our Daily Skin Therapy Body Lotion uses the power of […]

Why Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo

(Coconut oil formula for colour-treated or dry, damaged hair) Specially formulated for naturally dry and damaged hair as well as colour-treated, chemically damaged hair, this coconut oil conditioning shampoo is the answer to all your damaged hair dilemmas. Our hair […]

A Quick and Comprehensive Guide For First Time Parents

So you’ve gone through all the stages of pregnancy, handled labour and gone through delivery, now is the time for you to embark on a new life with your baby. And if you’re becoming a parent for the very first […]

Why You Should Switch To Organic Shampoo

When we think of shampoo, we think of it as harmless items but the reality is far from that. Many shampoos actually contain dangerous chemicals that are absorbed by the body. Sulfates and parabens, both of which are common in […]

Handy Foot Care Tips

Want to keep your feet in perfect condition all the time and prevent any foot-related problems? Here are some handy foot care tips Sri Lanka. From everyday basics to foot care Sri Lanka essentials, be sure to follow all of […]

Top 10 Tips To Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Did you know that using sunscreen is one of the easiest ways to prevent some million cases of cancer every year? It’s true and yet, many of us forget to use sunscreen, or we conveniently ignore its importance. A recent […]