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It doesn’t matter if you are just 10 years old or 80 years old, you still want to get your little fingernails to glow as lights. When it comes to applying makeup, your attention to detail will be very effective and crucial. Similarly, applying nail polish is also equally important as applying makeup because it’s a unique reflection in your appearance.

Nail Polish could also create a first impression about a person, in other words, t could convey and say a lot about a person. But more the attraction it could also aid in nourishing the skin that surrounds your nails by making it smooth and conditioned.
Nail polish started off with a few basic colors but nowadays you can select from a vast range of colors. Apart from the colors, here are various sorts of nail polishes too.

Types & Finishes

JELLY LOOK – The actual name was derived from an experiment of a real jelly because once you applied it on your nail you would feel like you’ve applied an authentic layer of jelly on your nails.
ICE COLOR – ICE COLOR Nail Lacquer delivers rich, glossy, long-wearing color, and shine. The flat brush ensures perfect coverage without smudging.
FULL COLOR – If you want to set the tone with your nails, you need a lasting effect! Full-Color Nail Enamel offers rich pigments in its nail polish options and provides complete coverage even with a single layer. Use Full-Color nail polish for a shiny look and enjoy long-lasting and eye-catching colors on your nails.
MATTE – Matte Nail Enamel’s special formula creates a velvety effect on your nails. Providing glamorous results in manicure,
GEL – Gel Color creates a ‘gel nail look’ effect and gives perfect shine with the plumping finish. It lasts up to 7 days and dries under natural light without a UV lamp. Smooth application and easy removal with regular nail lacquer remover.

Above All, our products are not similar to the ones that ruin and destroy your nails, Our products are totally rigorous to your nails through its nourishing and developing benefits.

The Color Psychology

Whenever you go shopping, especially if you are a woman you normally compare your dress by its color, Right? Then you should apply the same concept when applying a nail polish too because the only thing that’s going to match with your dress is your footwear and nail polish so focusing on those aspects is so significant.

So let’s get on with the color combination on how to pick up a suitable color.

Choosing the proper color to merge with your style can be divided into 2 different categories
According to the occasion and also as a reflection of your personality.

Here are the colors that you should pick if you really want to reveal your personality.

• Being classy does not rely only on your dressing sense but also in the type of color that you choose. For instance, choosing darker toned colors such as candy wine and maroon will boost your classiness.
• If you have a characteristic and an attitude of a boy AKA “TOMBOYS” then you should go for certain colors like black and darker shades.
• Sometimes wearing nail polish doesn’t express only your personality to others but it could also enhance and bring out your inner sense as well, these kinds of changes happen according to the colors that your choose. Brighter colors like pink, yellow, and peachy can boost your energy and make you feel comfortable throughout the day.
• Applying colors like cherry red and bright red is enough to grab the impression of a bold person.

Colors to choose for different occasions

If you frequently go out for dinner then you should apply these kinds of colors to make the night even special. Apply a black nail polish followed by the topcoat & finish it off with the glitter nail polish to make it more radiant.
Apart from the unofficial activities, to indicate your professionalism, choose colors like gray, peachy, beige, and white to show that you are more reliable & competent.
So, don’t ignore the above aspects when grooming & pay immense attention to your nails
So, you should pay a lot of attention when preparing yourself for and event or an occasion, because nail polish is a very significant aspect in a grooming routine.


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