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LOLANE Hair Spray 350ml
LOLANE Hair Spray 350ml

LKR 1,595.00

It adds volume and body to hairstyles and enhances shine.

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  • Lolane extra body hair spray with Lanoline candy be used for all hair types and steeples and styles.
  • Provide a lot of body for hair steeples and enhance shinny.
  • keep long-lasting hold without build-up or flaking.
  • Lanoline helps moisturize your hair.
  • Keep your hair looking beautiful and natural.
  • For updo hair styling. Suitable for setting bride’s hair and for grooming the new graduates.
How to Use:

 Hold the bottle away from your hair about 8-10 inches and spray evenly. Style as desired. If injector is clogged, remove the injector and wash in warm water.


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