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Loreal Hair Care Pack 06 SSP-89 Sale
Loreal Hair Care Pack 06 SSP-89

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Loreal Hair Care Pack 06 SSP-89

LOEES09- LOREAL Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo

LOECN05- LOREAL Elvive Extraordinary Clay Conditioner 400ml

Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay formula for Oily Roots and Dry Ends. Up to 48HR Purified Roots & Hydrated Ends. Fresh flowing hair.

L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Clay shampoo with 3 Refined Clays instantly purifies oily roots and hydrates dry lengths. This clarifying shampoo for oily roots and dry ends leaves hair looking beautifully fresh and clean from root to tip for up to 48 hours*. For best results, use L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Clay Shampoo and Conditioner.


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