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LOREAL X Tenso Smoothing Cream 480ml
LOREAL X Tenso Smoothing Cream 480ml

LKR 4,900.00


LOREAL X Tenso Smoothing Cream 480ml

L’Oreal Professional reinvents the in-salon permanent straightening experience with the all new X-Tenso Oleoshape. A breakthrough formulation, the services provide intense care as it transforms & straightens even the most resistant hair.


Rebellious and/or frizzy hair. Exists for:

  • Resistant
  • Extra Resistant


  • Smooth
  • Shiny
  • De-volumize
  • Frizz-Free


The new formula of X-Tenso Oleoshape with the powerful THIO complex has been developed with a Low Odor Innovation to provide an improved experience for hairdressers & consumers alike as it reduces frizz for wavy to curly hair types. Combined with Oil Trio and cationic actives, the hair fibre is nourished & strengthened.


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