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Salon Services


T01Threading-Eye brow150
T03Threading-Upper Lip100
T04Threading-Full Face1,250


Body Care

B01Shoulder Massage1,000
B02Deplieve (Pink/Blue)-Under arm Wax500
B03Deplieve (Pink/Blue)-Half hand wax1,000
B04Deplieve (Pink/Blue)-Full hand wax1,500
B05Deplieve (Pink/Blue)-Half leg wax1,500
B06Deplieve (Pink/Blue)-Full leg wax2,000


Face Care

FJ1Jovees-Gold Facial4,000
FP1Palmers-All skin type facial - Cocoa - Facial4,000
FP2Palmers-All skin type Cleanup - Cocoa - Cleanup2,000
FW3Wild Ferns-Skin Glowing Manuka Formula Facial5,000
FW4Wild Ferns-Skin Glowing Manuka Formula Cleanup2,500


Hair Care

H01Head Massage - With wash1,500
H02Head Massage - Without wash2,500
H03Vitamin E Treatment - With wash2,000
H04Vitamin E Treatment - Without wash2,700
Hair Spa Treatment - with wash
H06Hair Spa Treatment - without wash2,400
H07Tonic Massage - with wash2,800
H08Tonic Massage - without wash2,700
H09Hair Ironing - Tem/Short1,500
H10Hair Ironing - Temp/medium2,500
H11Hair Ironing - Temp/long4,000
H12Blow Dry With Head Wash4,400
H13Loreal-Rebonding - Shoulder Length12,000
H14Loreal-Rebonding - Medium Length14,000
H15Loreal-Rebonding - Long18,000
H16Loreal-Relax - Short9,500
H17Loreal-Relax - Medium11,500
H18Loreal-Relax -long15,500
H19Glatte White-Rebonding - Shoulder Length7,000
H20Glatte White-Rebonding - Medium Length10,000
H21Glatte White-Rebonding - Long14,000
H22Glatte White-Relax - Short6,000
H23Glatte White-Relax - Medium9,000
H24Glatte White-Relax -long13,000
H25Loreal/Wella-Perm - short9,200
H26Loreal/Wella-Perm - Medium12,900
H27Loreal/Wella-Perm - Long16,700
H28Kenue/Loreal-Hair Highlights - Short5,500
H29Kenue/Loreal-Hair Highlights - Medium7,500
H30Kenue/Loreal-Hair Highlights - Long10,000
H31Kenue/Loreal-Full hair color - Short5,500
H33Kenue/Loreal-Full hair color - Long8,500
H34Kenue/Loreal-Gray hair coverage - Root Touch4,200
H35Kenue/Loreal-Gray hair coverage full2,000
H36Head Wash1,000
H37Hair Trim500
H38Hair U cut1,000
H39Hair V cut1,000
H40Long Layer2,750
H41Short Layer2,450
H42Feather cut1,000
H43French Cut500
H44Hair Setting - Short2,500
H45Hair Setting - Medium3,000
H46Hair Setting - Long3,500


Nail Care

N01Classic Manicure1,750
N02French Manicure2,300
N03Manicure with colour apply2,300
N04Spa Manicure2,600
N05Gel Color Application2,000
N06Acralyc Extension Natural5,200
N07Gel Extention Natural6,500
N08Acralyc French Extension5,800
N09Gel French Extension7,000
N10Acralyc Natural - One nail600
N11Gel Natural - One nail600
N12Acralyc French - One Nail580
N13Gel French - One nail700
N14Temporary Extensiton3,500
N15Dip Powder4,500
N16Dip Powder - With Extensions7,800
N17Tip Off1,300
N18Soke off650
N19Buff & Polish800
N20Color Application900
N21One nail Temporary400
N22Nail Art1,500


Foot Care

F01Classic Pedicure1,750
F02French Pedicure2,300
F03Pedicure with color apply2,300
F04Foot Massage1,000


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