About Us


COSMETICS.LK was initiated in the year 2018 as a sister company of the LMJ International Lanka. LMJ is the exclusive sole agent for PALMER’S premium personal care from the USA and WILD FERNS natural personal care products from New Zealand.

While marketing our products through the trade over the years we noticed that some or the most of the customers were having a difficulty in finding the required products on the shelf at the real time and then we had the urge of serving the customers directly to avoid further disappointments, that is where COSMETICS.LK was launched.

Today the COSMETICS.LK is one of the leading if not the one and only digital marketing company exclusively dedicated to market Premium and award winning cosmetics brands and essential products. Strives to be the biggest online shopping store for cosmetics products in Sri Lanka, offering the most varied beauty and healthcare products range including a range of Vegan and Cruelty free products that are nontoxic. Most importantly presenting a unique online shopping experience to our customers.

Provide a world class online shopping experience through the largest online cosmetics marketplace to the Sri Lankan consumers giving them convenient reach, user friendly navigation, easy purchase and hassle-free returns.

We will be supplemented with an efficient, reliable and cost-effective distribution network which strives hard to exceed customer expectations. Cutting edge e-commerce website with exclusive and premium product ranges for 24 hours shopping experience with multiple payment options, equipped with fully loaded social media team and the state-of-the-art Call center to guide you for the right and most suitable product(s) all the time.

Air-conditioned warehousing facilities to accommodate more than 200 CBM with fully automated ERP system with real time business information tool for 100% authentic decision making process in order to give you a best service.


Always believe in a young and thriving team when creating the Cosmetics.lk and we believe in a solid gender balance and perspective diversity across all levels.

Our Vision

“To be the market leader in providing an easy access for Beauty, Wellness & Personal Care products and personalized services.”


  • Enhance beauty and confidence in our clients by giving superior products and services.
  • Build and Maintain a strong & true relationship with our employees, suppliers and most importantly with customers in terms of marketing & distribution.
  • Provide an excellent customer service through a skilled & professional sales and marketing team


Our Values