Snail Products in Sri Lanka

A complete range of  Body Care and face care products from Snail is now available at your fingertips.

Popular Products:

SNAIL GLUTA Whitening Body Lotion

A moisturizing lotion that makes the skin full of moisture, looks firmer and naturally white with radiant technology that combines the value between snail mucus and glutathione. Brightening lotion helps to improve the skin condition, adjust dark spots and adjust the skin color to look radiant and radiant. Dirty, top layer skin – increase flexibility, prevent aging – improve skin age – create a layer that protects against free radicals from damaging the skin

SNAIL GLUTA Gold Body Lotion

Add extracts to finish the problem of dark skin and smoothness quickly. Help the skin to restore clear, firm, and soft natural skin with Serum In Cream technology. That combines values ​​between Snail Slime, Glutathione concentrate and a special formula extract. Make the skin tone naturally radiant, not sensitive to sunlight, revealing a clear, bouncy, soft, tight, more pleasant to the touch than ever before.

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