Select the Best Night Cream in Sri Lanka that suits your skin type and concern 

Night cream is a crucial part of nighttime skincare routines. It’s formulated to provide deep hydration, nourishment, and rejuvenation while you sleep. Packed with potent ingredients, it targets specific concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven texture.

Several benefits of night time skincare:

  1. Intense Hydration: Provides deep moisture to replenish the skin overnight.
  2. Cell Renewal: Supports the skin’s natural cell turnover and regeneration process.
  3. Anti-Aging: Contains ingredients targeting wrinkles, fine lines, and firmness.
  4. Repair and Recovery: Helps repair damage caused by daily environmental stressors.
  5. Nourishment: Delivers essential nutrients to the skin during its most receptive phase.
  6. Evening Skin Tone: Some night creams address hyperpigmentation and uneven texture.
  7. Radiant Complexion: Aids in achieving a glowing and revitalized appearance by morning.

Best Night Cream in Sri Lanka : Palmers | Loreal | Garnier | Neutrogena | Cerave | Olifair | Egyptian | Dr.Rashel and etc…