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All Herb care Products are made in Sri Lanka. Company use 100% natural ingredients for their each and every product. Within a week of using herb care products, you can experience the difference.

Keshawardhani Hair Growth Oil 100ml

Keshawardhani Hair Growth Oil 100ml is a premium hair care product that can help you achieve healthy, beautiful hair. Oil is made with a blend of natural ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp, preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. Within a week of use, you may start to see a difference in the health and thickness of your hair.

Keshawardhani Hair Growth Oil 200ml

Hair Growth Oil 200ml give effective and premium protection for your hair by providing necessary ingredients that requires to maintain the healthy and beautiful hair you need.

Keshawardhani Herbal Anti-Dandruff Hair Powder 150g

Keshawardhani herbal Anti-Dandruff hair Powder is the easy and best cure for dandruff hair. Dandruff is a common condition that causes the skin on the scalp to flake. But it can be embarrassing and difficult to treat. Right treatments can totally cure dandruff.