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LOLANE is a professional use and home use brand with a complete range of products to meet the needs of clients who enjoy beauty care products for reasonable prices. Lolane use natural ingredients and manufacture quality products through new technologies.

  • Hair Care Products

Hair care products nourish and treat your biggest hair concerns. Condition the hair or specially nourishes dry & damaged hair by Moisture Infusion System. Which gives you a high volume moisturized hair with soft and smooth texture.

  • Face Care Products

Purify the face from dust and cleanse the skin gently. Enriched with AHA and natural fruit complex helps to control the oil in your face. While smoothing the skin surface you will bright your face complexion.

  • Lolane Body Care Products

Enriched with Curcumo Tonga extract helps whiten and smoothen skin. Combined fruit complex enhances skin luminosity and healthiness. Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E derivative and Jojoba Oil help dry or dehydrated to soften and moisten while Allantoin. Body care range provides all-day aromatic fragrances.