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Wrinkles: Do You Want To Live With It?

Your skin would always come along with you, that means it ages as you age. Your skin would become even leaner and it would also lose fat and that would turn your skin into less plump and smooth,

But is aging the only reason for the wrinkles?

No, genetics could also play a major role in aging skin, Even though the genetics primarily control skin structure and texture, heavy sun exposure will also cause wrinkles, it mostly affects the fair skin people, smoking and environmental contaminants could also wrinkle the skin.

Are there any other factors?

Numerous lifestyle habits could also contribute to showing aging skin even though you haven’t reached that age limit.

Sleeping habits

  • The human body needs an adequate amount of rest to energize and revive cells; if you have a poor sleeping habit then the risk of getting aging skin is higher.


  • Heavy intake of sugary, confectionery and carbohydrate-containing food could increase the wrinkles.

Alcohol and caffeine intake

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol could leave your body dehydrated and it could definitely bring up the risk of aging skin. That applies to the caffeine intake as well.


Follow these methods to prevent and protect from the appearance of aging skin

  • Use skin therapy products: Dry skin could lead to premature fine line and wrinkles; even though you use regular moisturizers it won’t help you to protect it thoroughly because moisturizers are used as a temporary mask to prevent the line for a short period of time. But our  Palmer’s cocoa skin therapy oil will help you to get rid of all the fine lines and wrinkles and will also it will smooth skin texture


  • Protect your skin from the sun: Aging skin could be controlled if you reduce the time you spend outdoors, especially in the exposure of the sun. If it is an inevitable circumstance then wear protective clothes that could cover your entire body and try to apply our Palmer’s CBF Eventone suncare.


  • Don’t smoke: Quitting the smoking habit will help you to recover from the wrinkle that you already have and you can still improve your skin tone and texture and prevent wrinkles from occurring.


  • Eat a healthy diet: A healthy diet is proper medication for all the health issues. If you increase the amount of vitamin intake in your food then the chances of getting aging skin will be shortened and sometimes it will vanish forever.

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